Black Satin PVD

(recommended for making Stainless Steel putters Black)  $140.00

Matte Black Oxide $125.00

Satin Brushed Black Oxide  $125.00

Matte Nickel $140.00

Cerakote finish

(comes in a wide variety of colors) $140.00

Can be applied to Carbon and Stainless steel putters 

High Shine Gold ( Only can be done on Stainless Steel Putters )  $125.00

Raw Stainless Satin with high shine button weights $125.00

Shiny Nickel  $140.00

Shiny Black Oxide  $125.00

​Satin Brushed Nickel $140.00

Satin Bronze finish ( Can only be done to Stainless Steel Putters ) 


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Matte Stainless Steel  $125.00

We provide a wide variety of refinish options  (All Prices includes 


  • Black oxide             $125.00
  • Nickel                    $140.00
  • ​Black PVD              $140.00 ( little longer turnaround time)
  • Raw Stainless         $125.00
  • Raw Carbon Steel   $125.00
  • ​Cerakote                $140.00
  • ​Face Milling             $50.00

all options In either a high Shine, Satin (Brushed) or Matte