Golf Club Refinishing in Charlotte, NC

Kickstand Putters has good news for golfers who have golf clubs that are rusting, dinged up and scratched, and it doesn't involve doling out cash for a completely new putter or set of clubs. We offer restoration services for putters, irons and wedges to get them back to their original shine.

Iron Golf Club Refinishing & More!

We also customize golf clubs if you want a set of clubs with your very own unique look. 

For quality, personalized service you can trust Kickstand Putters for all your golf club refinishing and restoration needs. And remember, refinishing and restoration of your clubs isn't just for making your clubs look better. The right feel can also have a positive impact on your game.

We will have those old clubs looking and feeling as good as new in no time!

Our typical turnaround time for restored and refinished golf clubs is 4 weeks or less. Contact us at 704-774-9045 for more information about custom golf club services or to make arrangements for your golf club restoration and refinishing.

Our Services

Custom Golf Club Charlotte, NC
We offer golf club restoration, golf club refinishing, and custom inscribing services for putters, wedges and irons.

Custom Golf Clubs

Golf Club Refinishing Charlotte, NC
The transformation your clubs will go through after we restore and refinish them will return your putter, wedge, or irons to their original shine.

Our Finishes

Golf Club Restoration Charlotte, NC
We offer a variety of types of finishes, including shiny, matte, satin, nickel and 24-karat gold finishes. Prices range from $80 to around $110, varying by finish type.

This is just a sample of what we do! 

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